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Apakah anda menyukai tulisan ini? bagikan dengan teman anda. :)

Halo semuanya….semoga baik-baik aja yaa….

Mmm…pasti teman-teman semua sudah tau…akan ada acara “Autism Awareness Festival” yang akan diselenggarakan pada 18-21 September 2008 di Senayan City… Wah..ini acaranya bagus lho…pembicaranya juga ok-ok….

Nah…saya harap kita semua bisa datang dan bertemu…menambah ilmu tentang Autism dan setidaknya bisa sedikit membantu mereka.

Saya sendiri sangat tertarik dengan acara ini dan rencananya juga berniat untuk datang…Terus terang…sebelumnya saya buta sekali dengan Autism…. Yang saya tau hanya adanya kelainan perilaku yang tidak ada obatnya…

Tapi…dengan berselangnya waktu…saya diperkenalkan dengan Gochi Juice….yang memiliki khasiat luar biasa…….salah satunya membantu pada Autism tadi…. Seketika dahi saya berkerut tidak percaya….

Nah…untuk mengetahui lebih lanjut…saya mulai mencari informasi kesana kemari….apakah ini benar…apakah tidak….??? Wah…kalau benar…berarti saya bisa membantu mereka dong….. Walau saya bukan dokter….saya tetap bisa menolong mereka dengan memberikan informasi ini kepada mereka…Itu tujuan saya semula…

Ternyata setelah mencari informasi kesana kemari….saya menemukan testimoni mengenai Autism ini…. Kebanyakan memang dari luar negeri…. Tapi akhirnya saya mendengar sendiri melalui telepon…sharing dari ibu di Jakarta yang memiliki anak Autism. Sharing ini sudah pernah saya posting di blog saya ini. Kalau masih mau membacanya…bisa klik

Sedangkan testimoni dari luar negeri…bisa saya rangkum disini yaa….(walau sebenarnya sudah ada di blog tersebut juga….). Ini dia rangkumannya
This is about my son, Zane. He is 2 years old and suffers from allergies, asthma, speech delay and expressive language development. In so many words, he does have a lot of characteristics of a child with high-functioning autism. We started giving him Goji juice and he is responding much better to us. His eye contact is better and he is really trying to talk a lot more. This week, when his speech teacher came, she noticed a change in him and he did not have one single tantrum during his session with her. Nor did he ask her to leave. In the past, as soon as she came to our house Zane would tell her “bye-bye” hoping she would leave. And he always had a few tantrums during his session. Today his occupational therapist came and he did a wonderful job, again having no tantrums, responding to her requests with good eye contact, speaking to her and sharing and giving her his toys. It might not sound like a lot to you in reading this, but, I, as his mother, do see a wonderful difference in my son.

Darlene S., New Jersey

Darlene’s original story was written two years ago. I spoke with Darlene today (July 2005) and she told me Zane is now 4 years old, still drinking Goji juice, going to school and progressing wonderfully. She said his initial turn-around began when she first started giving him Goji juice, about two years ago! Her story is very interesting, heart breaking and heart warming. She told me that Zane was a normal, healthy and happy little boy until he was about 18 months old. About that time he had some of his “shots” and suddenly he was a different child altogether. She now believes he will again be the happy, social little boy he was the first months of his life!

My son Tim was diagnosed with ADD then ADHD shortly after he started grade three. He is now in grade six. I would like to share a bit about the time between diagnosis and now (Oct 2006) and how Goji juice has benefited our lives.

In grade three his behavior was mostly disruptive in class. He was impulsive and did not pay attention. He started to show some aggression but it was mostly yelling. He was suspended approx 22 times that year.

He was placed in a behavior class for grade four. His behavior had gotten worse. He began swearing at the teacher, throwing things. Worst of all he became very aggressive and would have frequent explosions. He was doing no schoolwork and was out of school more than he was in. He had about the same amount of suspensions. He had drastic mood swings and was very violent. Grade four was the year they tried him on medication. He went through at least 3 different types, with dosages being varied. Each med had it’s own side effects which my son experienced. Nausea, stomach ache, headache, sleeplessness, loss of appetite, some made him feel like he was not getting enough sleep and all made him complain he did not feel good. None helped his behavior. He was diagnosed with Oppositional Defiant Disorder this year.

In grade 5 he was transferred to yet another school into a behavior class. The board and social workers wanted us to consider putting him a residential program. I did not want it to come to that. The first two months he had 8 suspensions. Then there was a change in his residence so I had more control over his schedule and diet. This helped him quite a bit. Over the next 7 months he had 7 suspensions.

This is when the school, psychologist and social workers wanted us to revisit the medications. He had come so far but still needed help with focusing and his impulsiveness. They said maybe the side effects would not be so bad because he is older. I really, really wanted a better answer.
I had been talking to a friend who wanted me to consider Goji Juice as a business. I was not thinking of the possible benefits with respect to ADHD. I wondered if it would work. I had no reason not to and a whole bunch of reason to.

The last seven weeks of school, Tim had 1 suspension and the teachers started reporting improvement in his behavior. He was taking direction better. The summer was great.
He started grade six almost two months ago. The principal had heard of the change toward the end of the previous year and was impressed with his first impression of Tim. They started integrating him into a regular class right from the beginning. He has had one suspension. It was my fault. We ran out of Goji for about 2 days before the suspension. The teacher said he was disruptive, very hard to direct, was yelling, would not stay in his seat and very hyper. He was suspended for 1.5 days.

When he went back to school, he was on his second serving of 2oz. By lunch I was called to come and pick him up. When I arrived the teacher informed me that he was being disruptive but not as bad as the day before. He explained that it was bizarre for him to start acting this way and asked if he was on any medication. I told him about the mishap with the Goji, which got him wondering if that was why the change. I informed him that it would be kicking in full force again very soon.
The last two days, he has been great in class. His daily report cards are coming home with scored in the excellent grade.
One more great thing is that there has been no side effects. The Goji juice has changed our lives.

Doug H., Ontario , Canada

My son, Dominick, is a very active 5- year-old boy. We were always told that he was going to need medicine because of his behavior, but we kept putting it off because the last thing I wanted was him on drugs. Then they told us he would need something for school.

So we talked to his doctor and he sent us to a specialist. The doctor saw him and said he had ADHD, that he wanted to put him on a drug. We were both against it, but we didn’t know what else to do. The temper tantrums he had were so bad we couldn’t control them. He was on the medicine one month when my boss told me about Goji juice. So we began giving him the juice. After a month, his temper tantrums were hardly anything. When he did throw one, he left the room and came back about 45 minutes later and gave us hugs and said “I’m sorry”. Now he seldom has one and if he does, it’s mild. We have been able to take him off the medication.

Chris and Angie N., Mount Carroll , Illinois
Our son, Zach, has been drinking the Goji Juice for over 3 months now. He had been on two different meds for ADHD and the most recent recommendation by the doctor had some side effects that may cause seizures. We, as parents, decided not to take his advice and try a natural solution. It is less expensive than the cost of the medication. And it works great according to his teachers, his grades, and his grandparents.

He and I love the taste and make sure he gets his Goji in the morning and in the evening.
Brad, my companion who has had cerebral palsy since birth, has been drinking it for about a week. He has less acid reflux, less stiffness in his hips so I can do his range of motion exercises easier, and he sleeps better. We have also started to give it to our dog to help her.

Polly N., and Brad G., Jamestown , ND

Hi, my name is Natalie, I am 14 years old and have ADHD and this is my success story with Goji juice. I used to have a really bad temper and get angry a lot, but thanks to Goji juice that all has changed. Now I find myself somehow holding back my temper, even in the roughest situations where I would have found myself blowing up. And some other things that have changed is that I find myself having more energy. It is really cool.


At first I had my doubts about this juice, but my mind has been changed. After 2 weeks and 3 days of taking 2 ounces of Goji juice a day, we now have our daughter, Natalie, back. She is an absolute joy to be around. She has a beautiful smile, we now have pleasant conversations and she is getting all the hugs and kisses she refused for so long. Her dad is excited that she now makes eye contact with him when talking to him. As a mother, it hurt to see one of my children suffer, and I am deeply grateful that I was able to help my hurting, unhappy child. Goji juice has transformed our lives, and we are so thankful.

Keith & Lavonne, Natalie’s parents

Nah….itu tadi cerita mengenai pengalaman mereka….. Hebat ya….. Syukur…akhirnya mereka bisa lebih sehat sekarang…. Ini sekelumit pengalaman yang saya tau tentang Autism… Pasti teman-teman lebih tau banyak….

Saya yakin kita semua pasti punya rasa yang sama untuk saling membantu sesama… Oleh karena itu alangkah lebih baik jika kita bisa mengetahui lebih dalam mengenai Autism ini…. Dengan datang ke acara “Autism Awareness Festival”…kita bisa lebih mengerti…dan mungkin suatu saat kita bisa membantu mereka….

Sampai ketemu di sana ya….di Senayan City… Untuk informasi lebih lanjut bisa menghubungi 081511300225 atau e-mail ke

Kalo ada teman-teman yang ingin ngobrol atau sharing…bisa menghubungi saya di 0818 895014 atau 021-95082027.

Sampai jumpa…..


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